The G Zone, Bogotá

The G Zone, Bogotá

Zona G is one of the most important places in Bogota in terms of Gastronomy. This is due to the fact that in the last two years it has been established as the place of location of various gastronomic establishments of different tendencies and origins.

The origin of the name has 2 interpretations; the first one is because of the way in which the first restaurants were located; and the second one (which is the most truthful), is because all the restaurants have an excellent Gourmet touch.

Within the diversity of restaurants you can find specialists in: brunch, coffees, meats, crepes, breakfasts, salads, hamburgers, ice cream, grill, sandwiches, desserts, pizza, seafood; and in kitchens: Chinese, Spanish, American, French, fusion, international, Italian and Peruvian.

Because the area is surrounded by excellent hotels, Zona G is one of the most visited by tourists who attend it to delight their palates with the excellent and varied menus offered by the restaurants that are located there.

Taken from GuiaTodo