Corporation framed in law 29 of science and technology. Private company, non-profit. It is a national program with international projection, which builds:

Initiatives of social appropriation of Science, Technology and Innovation.
Strategies to strengthen formal education.
Traveling experiences.
Processes of democratized education and for life.
Civic culture.
Methods of experimentation and immersion for families.
Encounters of formation and citizen participation.

Maloka has an Interactive Center located in Bogotá, a Traveling Maloka and 4 itinerant miniMaloka, also develops tailor-made projects with public and private partners. The aim is to contribute to the consolidation of a society and economy based on learning in knowledge and innovation, with free, competitive, participative, creative, innovative and film-making citizens, with identity and self-esteem.

Fundamental purpose
Maloka is a national organization with international projection, which fosters a passion for lifelong learning, strengthening the ties between science - technology - innovation and society, in order to enrich the citizen culture and contribute to sustainable development.

A story to tell
On December 4, 1997, Maloka was created with the act of signing the statutes that constituted it as a corporation of mixed participation, of a private and non-profit regime, with the General Assembly of associates as the highest authority. In April 1997, the construction of the Interactive Center began. Initiative of an important group of Colombian scientists, among which the leadership of Nohora Elízabeth Hoyos Trujillo and Eduardo Posada Flores stands out. The project was carried out and executed with the initiative of the Colombian Association for the Advancement of Science ACAC, the support of Colciencias, the District Institute of Culture and Tourism (IDCT), the Ardila Lülle Organization, and the contribution of various partners of the public and private sectors.

On April 15, 1998, was put online, before finishing the construction of the physical facilities. August 6 opens the first Iwerks Domo Cinema in Latin America, a pioneer in giant format cinema in the country. On December 4 the Interactive Center opens its more than 10 thousand square meters of experiences in science, technology and innovation. Maloka reached one million visitors in November 1999, since then it has not stopped updating itself with innovative proposals in the Interactive Center, but it has also traveled to all corners of the country and to various places in the world, through the traveling Maloka and of hundreds of custom projects.

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