Park of the 93

Park of the 93

Image taken from Goguiadelocio

The old park of the 93 was a neighborhood park that in the mid-1990s had become a rubbish dump and a parking lot for animal-drawn vehicles.3 The current one was developed between March and June 1995.2 3 The adaptation works were carried out by the Share Foundation, chaired by Pedro Gómez.3

It had an initial cost of 380 million pesos, invested by the District, the neighbors and the private company.3 Other entities that participated in the development of the park were the Energy Company of Bogotá, the Autonomous Regional Corporation of Cundinamarca, the Garden Botanico de Bogotá, the Urban Development Institute and the Friends of the Park Corporation of 93.3

In the middle of 2014, 2,000 million pesos were invested in its remodeling, and it was reopened on May 24 of that year.4

On July 17, 2014, the first Starbucks in the country was inaugurated on its southwestern side.

Taken from Wikipedia