Bolivar plaza

Bolivar plaza

Photo taken from Wikipedia

The Plaza de Simón Bolívar is the main square of the city of Bogotá and Colombia . It is located in the center of the city, between the Seventh and Octave races with Tenth and Eleventh streets. Around it are some of the main buildings of the city: to the north the Palace of Justice , to the south the National Capitol , to the east the Primate Cathedral of Colombia , the House of the Ecclesiastical Cabildo , the Chapel of the Tabernacle and the Archbishop's Palace and to the west the Liévano Palace , headquarters of the Mayor of Bogotá , and to the southeast the San Bartolomé High School (Bogotá) of the Jesuits . It was proposed as a National Monument of Colombia by resolution 51 of October 26 , 1994 and declared as such by decree 1802 of October 19 , 1995 . 1

A study of the University of the Andes maintains that the Plaza de Bolívar has 13,903 square meters (including the streets around it) and a maximum capacity of 98,458 people. 2

Adjacent roads Race 7th and 8th and 10th and 11th streets.

Taken from Wikipedia