Criterion Restaurant

Restaurant Criterion

Criterion is the first haute cuisine restaurant of the Rausch brothers and their creative workshop. They offer a modern and sophisticated author's cuisine, using local products in most of their preparations and reinventing traditional recipes of Colombian cuisine that can be found on the menu, such as the black cartagenera post, the guanábana merengón or chimichurri chontaduro in magret de pato . In addition to the dishes on the menu, Criterión offers the opportunity to enjoy the tasting menu, a concept that the Rausch brothers brought to Colombia and deals with the complete experience of the restaurant through different and varied dishes, inspired to satisfy their appetite. His motto "The final product can never be better than its raw material", makes clear the work and dedication that the Raush brothers put into each of their creations.

Zone G
69A Street # 5-75

Taken from Restorando