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  • Restaurante Trattoria La Divina Comedia

Trattoria Restaurant The Divine Comedy

Located in the north of the city, La Divina Comedia is a good invitation to feel at home, because its chef Sergio Martin comes from an Italian family and seeks to evoke and disseminate in a modern way, the teachings that he left his nonna to his father. In addition to having the reference of the book of family recipes, the chef has great experience in the art of cooking, which also diffuses through fresh pasta courses, television programs and his blog. With a presentation of the dishes sober and elaborate dishes, the restaurant divides its menu between short pastas, fresh pastas and stuffed pastas. In addition to going back to the name of the site, offering an aside for the dishes Del Paraíso (ristottos), Del Purgatorio (tortellis and tortellonis) and Del Inferno (several options). His specialty is stuffed pasta, like Canelloni Dante. For other dishes, the funghi risotto, the Tripomodoro spaghetti and the Penne Primavera are also recommended. Those who want other lighter options, there is a variety of salads and soups. In a warm and simple atmosphere with wooden tables, red chairs and white tablecloths, you can also enjoy different risottos, fish and meat. A good closure for the site can be done with a tiramisu and one of the selected wines they have.

Zone G
Calle 71 # 5-73

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